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‘The Don’ Portable E-Rig Review

The Don is the latest dabbing device offered by The Kind Pen, a New Jersey-based personal vaporizer company known for high-tech dab pens, dry herb vapes, e-rigs, and more.

I was excited to try out The Don because it’s the first portable dabbing rig I’ve tried that has adjustable temperature settings so you can fine-tune your experience depending on the specific wax or concentrate you’re putting in. The available temperatures range from 320 to up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which affords the user a significant amount of control over their dabbing experience.

Physically, The Don feels like an intelligently compact electronic dabbing rig — the device fits comfortably in one hand with an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to carry and take pulls from. The mouthpiece feels sturdy but can still be twisted around on itself to fit better in one’s pocket and improve overall portability. When holding The Don in your hand, the power button and temperature control buttons are easy to press with your thumb and index finger, respectively. The dab rig has a small water compartment for cooler hits and utilizes a coilless atomizer to prevent overheating or burned product, while an attached carb cap further helps to facilitate a smooth dabbing experience.

The Don’s product description page suggests that the e-rig “lasts for days” and this reviewer can happily attest to that fact. Located underneath the temperature controls, The Don has a battery life indicator that makes it easy to monitor your charge. At the time of this writing, it’s been about a week since I first plugged in the e-rig to charge and the battery is still going strong at well over 50% charged (note: your mileage may vary — I have only used the rig about a dozen times since then and battery life would certainly be changed by more heavy use).

Lastly — and as is probably the case with any dab rig — the most difficult part for me was the cleaning process. But thankfully, The Kind Pen considered cleanliness and maintenance during The Don’s design process and have manufactured their latest e-rig to be easily disassembled, meaning you can detach and clean each piece individually. The product comes with a specially designed tool for removing the cup/banger for cleaning purposes.

Overall, The Don makes for a delightful addition to any dab rig collection and would be a smart investment for dabbers who desire a truly portable dabbing solution. Visit the product page at TheKindPen.com to learn more and/or make a purchase.

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