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Spliff Vape: New Tech Allows Cannabis, Nicotine To Be Vaped Simultaneously

Spliffs, blunts, mokes, mole bowls, skofes, and slaps are just a select few of the unbelievably silly names stoners have given to the various methods of ingesting cannabis and tobacco at the same time. Thus far, no one has managed to combine the two because cannabis is oil-based and nicotine juice is water-based, which means they won’t mix.

Enter ExStax, a cannabis technology and extraction company from Arizona. Co-CEO Rick Avila told High Times that every cartridge they sell comes with a removable mouthpiece, allowing the user to either use the cartridge as is or to essentially stack vaporizer chambers on top of one another and hit them at the same time.

“You can stack as many as your battery will allow,” Avila said, also mentioning that a new battery is in the works which will automatically detect how many different cartridges are attached (up to six at a time) and adjust the power level accordingly.

I should mention I have not actually tried this product myself yet so I have absolutely no idea if it works well, but rest assured that is the first thing I will be doing on our next family trip to Arizona. The mind reels at all the extremely heady and flavorful possibilities that present themselves. That said, this is something that actually has the potential to change how cannabis patients ingest their medicine because the potential uses are not just limited to cannabis and nicotine, as Avila explained.

“I give the example of somebody who uses CBD or even marijuana, and they have that in one cartridge. Let’s say Martha, she’s older, she has fibromyalgia or arthritis and she needs this for pain or medicine but that medicine makes her drowsy. B-12 gives you energy and that’s a water soluble vitamin currently on the market with other vaping devices. And there’s a plethora of different water soluble vitamins that you can put in there,” Avila said.

Being as it were that I am a journalist and not a doctor, I cannot confirm the safety or efficacy of vaping vitamins, much less combining them with other random oils. Some basic digging has informed me that there has not been a ton of research in the area so it’s hard to say. The FDA has been known to recall products, issue fines or worse for companies that sell vape juice with impurities or misleading information on the label. So, if you’re going to vape vitamins with your weed it might be best to check with a doctor or at the very least make sure your products are being made in America and lab-tested for anything you don’t want in your lungs.

Currently, the tech is only available through select dispensaries in Arizona which carry ExStax products, but the actual stacking components and empty cartridges can be purchased wholesale. So, essentially if you want to try this vape you have to go to Arizona or annoy your favorite local brand enough until they start using the same components for their cartridges.

I for one will be sourcing a rental car and driving at top speed until I make it to Phoenix, where I will be locating and purchasing at least a baker’s dozen of these to see how they smoke. I quit nicotine years ago but the devil might have me in a chokehold on this one.

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