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Future’s Monster Kush First Evol Strain To Enter Nevada Market

Future’s cannabis brand Evol is now available in Nevada in partnership with cultivator Redwood Cultivation, a Sept. 22 announcement reads. After first being announced last April, then conquering California, Nevada marks the next strategic step in expanding Evol to the next state on the list.

As of last Friday, adults in Nevada can purchase eighths of premium pre-packaged Monster Kush, the first product to roll out, with more products from Evol by Future and Redwood Cultivation that will follow in the months ahead.

“Millions of people regard Future as one of the most influential artists of this generation. So we’re thrilled to collaborate with Future and Carma HoldCo to introduce his suite of premium EVOL by Future THC products,” said Paul Schloss, president and CEO of Redwood Cultivation.

“We can’t wait for Q4 of this year when Future’s top-shelf blunts, pre-rolls, and concentrates will be available here in Las Vegas,” said Schloss.

After proving themselves and winning with powerful crosses in the past, and numerous partnerships, Redwood Cultivation will take over Evol’s Nevada operations with new strains to drop soon.

Redwood Cultivation

Redwood Cultivation is led by Schloss, and the company has a 20,000 sq. ft., state of the art cultivation facility that’s primed with automated fertilization, drip irrigation, HVAC, lighting, and a Co2 system. It was originally founded by Harris Rittoff and Cherry Development in 2014. In 2016, Redwood was chosen to be the exclusive distributor in Nevada for Willie’s Reserve, the cannabis company run by Willie Nelson. They’ve also done partnerships with Cheech Marin’s cannabis company.

You can look at Redwood Cultivation’s work in the past to see how the Evol deal will play out. Check out recent strains that Redwood Cultivation dropped prior to Evol, including Scoops ( Gelato x Cookies & Cream x Tina) or Chem Sorbet (GMO x Sherbcrasher). Redwood also sells products like Stacked Decks, packs of pre-rolls designed to sell.

“Future’s influence is second to none. Evol by Future will resonate with millions of cannabis enthusiasts as his music has millions of listeners, and we can’t wait to share Future’s exceptional strains in Nevada with Redwood Cultivation,” said Adam Wilks, CEO of Carma HoldCo.

Why no lineage is immediately available, Monster Kush is typically a hybrid with 20 percent indica-leaning genetics and 80 percent sativa genetics. It has an impressive genetic lineage and spawned from the crossbreeding of Mexican, Colombian, and Thai genetics, along with G13 Hash Plant genetics for power.

Future and the Launch of Evol

High Times caught up with Future last April 20 to discuss Evol and the overall plan to expand.

“Evol was about timing,” Future told High Times last April 20. “I’ve had offers before. But this is different. Evol is about longevity, consistency, hard work, and having a quality product to share with the culture. And it’s got to feel natural. And I’m having fun with it too. And it’s a blessing to be here.”

The company also acknowledged to High Times the hurdles that celebrity-endorsed cannabis brands face, and that consumers want to know who is growing the cannabis.

“Consumers are smart,” said President and Chairman of Carma HoldCo, Chad Bronstein. “They know when someone as hardworking, consistent, influential and selective as Future puts his name on something, it will deliver. And that’s exciting for everyone, his fans, our customers, and the industry at large.”

The partnership with Carma HoldCo is the result of a carefully conceived plan. “As an artist, I strive to enlighten the world with different perspectives and experiences, whether through my lyrics, live performances, or other creative endeavors. With Carma HoldCo, I can apply that creativity to build a new cannabis lifestyle brand that resonates within my community and delivers a high-quality product to my fans and a much wider audience,” Future said in a statement when first announcing Evol.

The company plans to roll out more THC, CBD, and Delta 8/9 THC products to its Nevada operations. But it’s more than just a venture, it’s a plant that is prohibited around the world with laws that have impacted Future directly.

Future’s DJ, Cisco, fought out the hard way that cannabis isn’t tolerated in the Middle East. Cisco shared an experience to MTV in 2015 about his ordeal when he was locked up in jail in Abu Dubai for possessing cannabis. Airport security found weed in his luggage, a familiar scenario for Americans traveling outside of the country. Cisco ended up spending 56 days in a Dubai jail, along with a Taliban member. Officials from the U.S. embassy got involved, but it took them weeks to sort things out.

Check Evol’s finder tool to find out existing locations that carry Future’s cannabis products.

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