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Dab Rite Digital Infrared Thermometer Review

The Dab Rite infrared thermometer is out now for extract connoisseurs who want just the right temperature for their banger to get the perfect dab. The patent-pending adjustable thermometer arm helps get the sensor in the right place for the exact temp reading. One cool feature is that the device outputs an audible alert when the desired temp is reached, which informs users who may have sensory issues, “It’s time to vape.”

If the temps get above 800 degrees Fahrenheit or below 200 degrees, the easy-to-read screen will flash “too hot” or “low.” Be sure to check out the user guide to find the suggested temperatures for various concentrate types including ice water hash and live resin.

Made by SoCal Dab Tools, the Dab Rite was in development for more than a year, according to a company press release featuring co-founder Dan Wynick. Its other features include an LED guide to line up the sensor perfectly on the banger. It also comes with the ability to select your banger type — quartz or opaque quartz. Dab Rite is rechargeable with the included USB-C charger. It comes in a durable travel case and is made of high-grade industrial materials, making it an accessory that should last for years to come.

Note on accessibility

Just a quick word about the audible “beeps” the unit makes when powering on, during menu navigation, and when the selected temperature is reached, from the perspective of a person with a disability (blindness). By having the audible alerts, Dab Rite becomes more accessible to people like me, who cannot read screens. The “beeps” during menu navigation help with menu memorization and allow people with sensory issues to use the Dab Rite more independently. At the same time, the easy-to-navigate menus and audible alerts help anyone using the unit have a better experience. It is nice to see cannabis companies like SoCal Dab Tools make their product more accessible for people with disabilities.

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