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Cannabis Consumption meets Concierge Service with an Affordable Home Delivery Bundle from HighHello

Did you roll out of bed in your PJs and do a happy dance this morning because buying and consuming cannabis no longer has a stigma to it? Yes? Well, we did too! Cannabis culture in the United States is booming due to legalization, and its benefits on mind, body, and spirit. What used to be a stigmatized (and illegal) activity, has become a way of life for many.

Everyone from anxiety-stricken young adults (over the age of 21 of course) and grandparents dealing with those achy joints are smoking, vaping, or ingesting cannabis in many different forms.

Cannabis Doesn’t Have to Make Your Head Spin

If you have walked into a dispensary lately, you might feel teleported back into the Wild Wild West. The options, devices, strains, and lingo can make cannabis users of every degree a little dizzy, and that’s before you even eat the first Edible. Tinctures, various strains, gummies, chocolate, and THC-infused liquid beverages. The options are endless and often confusing.

If you find yourself scratching your head and asking yourself, “where do I even start?!” Let us ease your weed-worried mind. With help from HighHello, exploring quality cannabis products that meet your needs has never been easier or more convenient. Their boxed bundle subscription is a fun, convenient, discreet, and affordable way to discover new products and get your buzz on.

High Quality at Preferred Prices

HighHello takes pride in delivering the highest quality flower, edibles, vapes, and more at preferred prices. But they really knock it out of the park with their personalized approach to the cannabis buying process. You don’t have to learn all the lingo. For the canna-curious and connaisseur alike, the HighHello Subscription Club makes it easy to discover quality products tailored to your tastes and needs.

Let’s Get Personal About Your Weed

But HighHello doesn’t stop at providing an attractively priced subscription box filled with cannabis delivered directly to your door. They provide next-level customer service with their private virtual budtender sessions. No need to get in your car, find a dispensary, or risk your less than on-board boss seeing you scamper in, just to wait in line to talk to a budtender about what you need while other people wait in line behind you, tapping their feet.

Once a month, members can schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable budtender to ask questions on anything from specific products to general industry knowledge. Or hey, you just need someone to talk to. Either way, your budtender canna-cares for you. And they want you to have a delightfully delicious cannabis experience. Simply sign up for a subscription, provide the necessary identification, and—with judgment-free help from one of HighHello’s qualified budtenders—choose from various monthly curated boxes. 

And This Is How It Works

It will be like Cannabis Christmas morning when you open your HighHello box each month. Based on the preferences you selected, some boxes contain various strains of cannabis. In contrast, others include edibles, concentrates, and other cannabis-infused products. Members can select their preferred box (smoke, vape, edibles, or a mix) and a delivery window that works for their consumption level.

Just 7 short days after becoming a HighHello member, anxiously waiting members receive their first box of carefully curated cannabis goodies. A new, fresh delivery arrives every 30 days after that. Regardless if you are new to cannabis or a seasoned pot-smoking hippie, club membership is a hassle-free way to stay current in the ever-evolving cannabis culture in which we live today. 

So, What’s Your Canna Preference?

The perks of membership include being in the know of the latest trends and innovations, discovering fun, new products, and connecting with a community of like-minded individuals. 

To meet the varying needs of HighHello members, there are several boxes to choose from, with more options on the way.

The Mixed Box: This option (Valued at $150+) contains seven curated cannabis products from various strains and consumption methods. Subscribers can expect two eighths of flower, two pre-rolls, two edibles, and one vape. This box retails for $100.

The Edible Box: Prefer to eat your weed instead of inhaling it? They have just the box for you. The Edibles Box (A $75 – $100+ value) contains six curated edible products monthly, from baked goods and snacks to gummies and cannabis-infused beverages, all according to members’ preferences. 

Flower Lovers: Flower lovers will be all lit up with the all-flower box. You guessed it, its all flower, all the time. So, if exploring different strains are your passion, this box is for you. 

All Concentrate: For the dabbers out there that believe wax is the way to go, this box will not disappoint. 

Beginners Box: Newbies to cannabis culture can relax with a box curated just for beginners. You get a mix of beginner-related products, and your budtender will also guide you along the way, answering any questions about the products in the newbie box. 

Want to Be a HighHello VIP?

The Bougie Box: We were not shocked when we heard our friends over at HighHello had this in the pipeline. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming “Bougie” Box—a premium product subscription—dropping soon.

Club membership is more than just a free monthly delivery. Members receive discounted access to cannabis events, exclusive product drops, behind-the-scenes content from industry-leading brands, and access to the HighHello Educational Library, aka the Green Room.

OMG, Becky, Look at That Pot!

HighHello researches the latest cannabis products, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy. Here’s a sample of some of the brands and types of products subscribers can expect to find in their monthly delivery:

1. Cheef Michigan Cookies (flower)

Photo courtesy of HighHello.

From the budtenders at HighHello: “These guys and gals pride themselves on growing clean cannabis, and clean cannabis it is. Aside from the obviously impressive signed 8th from music legend Todd Rundgren himself, the Michigan Cookies strain blew us away. Some beautiful buds [with some] some pine and sweetness in there. Great effects, powerful and relaxing.”

2. Glacier Cannabis Blast Chiller (pre-roll)

Photo courtesy of HighHello.

From the budtender: “Award-winning Glacier Cannabis produces all of their cannabis in small batches and strives to pair quality with affordability. The Blast Chiller strain is typically associated with relaxation and mid-level euphoria, with pine and mint making up the flavor and aroma profile.” What Glacier says: “Ideal for unwinding, Blast Chiller delivers a potent and relaxing smoke. Finish your day’s work and chill out with some grassy goodness.”

3. Potdots (edible)

Photo courtesy of HighHello.

From the budtender: “A literal delight of an edible. We are blessed to have this edible in Michigan. One MG THC per candy, so perfect for micro dosing or to snack away on. We loved carrying these around for a quick dose throughout the day and sharing with our canna-curious friends.”

4. Ryba’s Roots Mackinac Island THC Fudge (edible)

Photo courtesy of HighHello.

From the budtender: “Locally inspired products like these are a great way to enjoy some Michigan nostalgia in the new licensed cannabis market. Delicious, Michigan-made fudge infused with a completely manageable dose of 50mg of THC? It’s like a hug from your grandma. Some of the best execution we’ve seen in incorporating Michigan history into a great-tasting, high-quality product.”

5. Wynk Black Cherry Fizz (drink)

Photo courtesy of HighHello.

From the budtender: “Looking for a laid-back microdose option that hydrates? Or perhaps want to ‘drink’ along with your friends but looking to move away from alcohol? With a quick onset time, you can experience the effects at a similar rate to those consuming spirits alongside you. With a manageable and balanced 2.5mg THC and 2.5 CBD in each can, you can drink away without worrying about overconsumption.

For newcomers to the wide world of cannabis, it’s hard to beat HighHello’s all-in-one approach. And for the more experienced, HighHello’s cannabis subscription boxes offer a convenient, personalized, and truly unique way to find their favorite new products.

Let’s Take You Behind the Scenes

HighHello is revolutionizing cannabis culture. For starters, the team works directly with brands, visiting their facilities, testing product, and forging relationships with growers and processors to ensure that club members get access to top-quality products as soon as they’re available—all at preferred prices. 

As a member, you get exclusive access to new products, limited releases, and surprises from the HighHello network of partners. Education and community are essential elements of what HighHello does as well. Their mission is to ensure everyone can access the resources they need to engage with the cannabis community. Working with non-profits related to veterans, expungement, and advocacy is what HighHello’s culture is all about. 

Get started at gethighhello.com, and take advantage of the discount offer for first-time subscribers. Just look for the banner at the top of the homepage. And there are lots more to come: HighHello is adding an in-store pickup option soon and the opportunity to pick up one-time boxes without a subscription. Be on the lookout for the latest subscription options and perks, and join the HighHello community today!

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