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Jones Soda’s Cannabis Brand Expected to Launch in California April 1

Jones Soda has unveiled its cannabis brand, Mary Jones, which will include cannabis-infused sodas, gummies, and syrups, CNBC reports. The brand will launch on April 1 in California.

Jones Soda marketing chief Bohb Blair told CNBC that while the company is a “small player in soda” they will be “the biggest national player when it comes to a recognizable [consumer-packaged goods] name in cannabis.”

“If we crack it in California, we’re going to do gangbusters as we go through the Midwest and East.” – Blair to CNBC

The company announced it was planning a cannabis-infused product line last July. CEO Mark Murray said the firm has “been putting all of these pieces in place” since the announcement. The Mary Jones branding will use the same font as the Jones soda brand, but the “N” will appear backward.

“…We fully expect the brand to deliver solid strategic growth for the company,” he told CNBC.

“A lot of the cannabis category is leaf, but that’s the legacy part of the category, the mature part,” Blair said in the report. “If you look at the new consumer to cannabis, the people who want to bring it to a party or have it in a meal, a lot of them are turning to beverages and edibles. And it turns out those are not as easy to make.”

The initial launch will include four product lines: 12-ounce bottles of soda infused with 10 milligrams of cannabis; 16-ounce cans of soda infused with 100 milligrams of cannabis; syrup infused with 1,000 milligrams per bottle designed to mix with other beverages or on food; and soda bottle-shaped gummies infused with five milligrams of cannabis.

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