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Is it possible Marijuana made me develop panic disorder?

Let me start by apologizing for my English as im not a native speaker. I had marijuana 3 weeks prior to my second panic attack, my first one was during my 3rd time experimenting with edibles, around April 2021. I developed a fear of dying that was so absurd I didn’t want to leave the house, I was OCD about hygiene and I was so crazy thinking something was out to get me, I thought that chinese rocket was 100% gonna fall on me, I laugh at the situation now but that day I even called my family to say goodbye because I was so certain. I was having 3 to 5 panic attacks a day. Then after about a month realizing that I wasn’t dead yet but the feeling wouldn’t go away, the feeling shifted to insanity, I thought i was crazy, I thought I was gonna lose it and eventually become a lunatic tin foil hat wearer, I started having derealization episodes, i felt detached from the world, i started questioning if any of it was real, started believing that maybe I was just stuck in my own hell and that I was already dead, some really crazy messed up intrusive thoughts. I decided to look for a psychiatrist and right away they put me on xanax and lexapro but even so I didn’t trust their diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder because I wasn’t anxious, I had no reason to be. I had a good job, a husband that is my best friend and we were buying a home! No financial, health or family issues, nothing. We ran all sorts of physical tests to make sure that things werent just in my head. Im 100% healthy. To this day I will be driving and then out of nowhere I stare into the massiveness of the sky and wonder wth is going on with me, then panic lol Is it possible that Marijuana triggered some crazy inside my brain or I got so much PTSD from my first panic attack that it drove me to be even more panicky? At some point I thought i was schizophrenic but my psychiatrist confirmed Im not. After taking my meds for about 6 monthsmost of the feeling went away but theres a tiny little biy left over. Everything started after that dam edible lol Did anyone have a similar experience?

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